Throughout the Word of God, believers are consistently called to Walk with God–Walk in Christ. That word walk literally means to live out. If we are to fully ENGAGE in ministry, we must be fully ENGAGED in our walk with the Lord. There are five elements to our walk in Christ.

WALK IN THE WORD Leviticus 26

I know you’re thinking, “Wow! He went Leviticus on me!” Well, yes, God offers a great promise to those who will follow His instructions and statutes. Read it! The blessings He promises include provisions, peace, fruitful lives, and strength.

A word of caution – many try to make the Word fit into our personal beliefs, or even our lifestyles. We must accept the Word as it is. That is, let the Word say what the Word says. Oswald Chambers says, “God never fits His Word to suit me; He fits me to suit His Word.”

Reading, studying, and meditating on the Bible is foundational in our walk in Christ. If you decide to skip this element to get to the others, you can just go ahead and forget it. Without the Word implanted into our lives, the other elements in the Walk with God are not possible. You may not understand or even agree with parts of the Bible, but if you read it and trust by faith in what it says, God will speak to you.

WALK BY FAITH2 Corinthians 5:7

When we say we live by faith and not by sight, what does that really mean? It means our own “common sense” approach and our own circumstances in life cannot dictate what we do. We must trust God to do what He says He will do. James 4:13-17 illustrates the power of that approach. Go ahead–read it right now. The Bible also states that faith without works is dead. We must place our faith in Christ and act out on what He has said (James 2:14). That means we must be involved in spiritual activity to which God has directed us.

WALK IN THE SPIRITGalatians 5:16

Scripture shows that our spirit and flesh are at war with each other. We must follow what the Holy Spirit calls us to do, and “lean not on our own understanding” (Prov. 3). Our flesh will always pull us in the opposite direction from God. Listening to His Spirit will always bring us closer to Him. D.L. Moody was once teaching when he held up an empty glass. “How can we remove the air from this glass?” he asked. One man said that he should attach a vacuum. Moody reminded the man that this would cause the glass to break. Instead, D. L. Moody took a pitcher of water and filled the glass. “There, the glass now has no air in it.” Moody reminded his listeners that a victorious Christian life is not in sucking out an occasional sin, but is found by being filled with the Holy Spirit.

WALK IN LOVEEphesians 5:1-2;8-12

God is love. Ephesians 5 tells us that we are to imitate God. We are to love as He loves. We are to become a sacrifice as He became a sacrifice for us. My life purpose is “May my life be spent up in the praise and worship of God.” How are you being spent up? Are you walking in love. Are you loving people enough to show them the Savior–Jesus Christ?


God is light. That means that “light” is the essence of His character in holiness and purity. To walk in the light we must continually fellowship with God. We cannot do that unless we are walking in the Word, walking by faith, walking in the Spirit, and walking in love.

I hope you’ll take the time to go back and read these Scriptures and let God speak to you. Will you Walk with God? Will you receive the inexpressible blessings He has for you? Will you ENGAGE in a relationship with God? Don’t miss it! I’m in!

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