Andy Get Your Gun

Dad and me at the range after trying out the shotgun.

My dad loves to tell stories of his past. Many of them I’ve heard before, but last week he surprised me with a new one. When he was 15, my dad, known to many of his friends as Andy, received a 16-guage shotgun from his father. He loved the gun and used it often for hunting. He kept the gun until the late 1940s. My brother was soon to be born and mom and dad needed some money, so my dad sold the gun for $25.

Just a few weeks ago, my dad, now 85, ran into the man who bought his long-sold shotgun. He asked the man if he stilled owned the gun, and the gentleman replied that he did still have it. My dad offered $100 to purchase the gun and the deal was done. This old shotgun, now discolored and worn from years of neglect was finally back in the arms of the man who learned to shoot with it as a boy. My dad spent more than two days cleaning and repairing the gun.

After sharing the story, Dad surprised me by telling me he went to all the trouble because he wanted me to have that gun. He had planned to give it to me in October for my birthday, but he just couldn’t wait. With great excitement, he brought the gun out–and it’s a beauty! It too, is my first gun. Sure, I’ve shot his guns for years but never owned one of my own. As excited as I was to have that old 16-guage shotgun, nothing would compare to the work and love that came behind that gun.

Isn’t it just like our Heavenly Father! He loved us so much that He purchased our sin through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus; all because of His great love. He went the distance just so that we could be in relationship with Him forever.

No doubt, I’ll cherish that old shotgun for the rest of my life, but never more than the relationship that I have with my dad.

L-R: Becca, Laura, Dad, Melissa
Laura, Becca, Dad, Mom, and Melissa

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